Blake Sova,  E.A.

My Mission: To provide you with the best tax return possible for your hard-earned money.

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Upon graduating from the University of Michigan in 1979, I established myself with one of the largest income tax firms in the state. With a vision to create one of the largest tax firms myself, I set my sights on California. Shortly after passing the Federal and State test allowing me to be a certified instructor, I formed Blake’s Income Taxes. And, in 1987, it took me only one try to pass all four parts of the FEDERAL Enrolled Agents Exam — a feat that less than 32% accomplish. An Enrolled Agent is an INCOME TAX EXPERT.

Now with offices in Laughlin, Nevada!

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Income Tax Specialist


Enrolled Agents are individuals licensed by the federal government to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. An Enrolled Agent is an expert in Income Tax Law. I specialize in Sole Proprietorships, but also prepare Partnership, Trust, Real Estate and Corporate Taxes. Since 1986, I have been using my knowledge to help hundreds of clients make solid business decisions.